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    For policing professionals, public trust, integrity, and liability are constantly on the line. Often the difference between effective community policing and the failure of an agency’s public-safety mission is determined by the decisions of individual officers. With so much at stake, stressing police ethics as simply a means of discouraging bad behavior is wholly insufficient. Effective policing requires changing the concept of police ethics from merely an after-thought, to a controlling insight that informs and guides police practitioners from an internal, personal capacity. In one of its most impactful and rewarding endeavors to date, NCPI partnered with the USDOJ, COPS Office to address this fundamental shift through the Ethical Decision Making: Policing with Principled Insight (EDM:PPI) program. EDM:PPI is a multi-faceted program that is timeless, powerful, and exceptionally relevant for the professionals facing the realities of policing in the 21st century.

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