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  • Homicide & Violence Reduction Resources

    Over the past two decades, violent crime has been steadily declining. Yet the impact of homicide and violent crime remains a significant challenge for our nation’s communities. With long-term social implications and staggering economic consequences, homicide and violent crime reduction remains the top priority for policing agencies throughout the nation. The challenge for many agencies is addressing violent crime with interventions and countermeasures that are demonstrated to be effective. To address this challenge, NCPI partnered with the USDOJ, COPS Office to develop Applied Evidence-Based Policing Practices: Homicide and Violent Crime Reduction (HVR), a multi-faceted program which provides classroom training, online training, and a multitude of resources for police managers and decision makers. Based on the fundamental premise that research and evidence should guide organizational decision making, our goal for the HVR program is to increase your knowledge of current evidence-based practices and ways to implement them into your agency’s homicide and violent crime reduction efforts.

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  • Video Library

    NCPI produced a series of videos that address various components of evidence-based policing and their application to homicide and violence reduction. The videos, each approximately four (4) minutes in length, highlight practical strategies and lessons learned from criminal justice practitioners, law enforcement leaders and public administrators throughout the United States. These videos may be a valuable introductory resource to agencies and academies tasked with training officers and supervisors on this important topic.